Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

W R Tesla Electric  provides excellence in electrical services through skilled team members who are trained and personable.

Our mission is to deliver excellent service to our customers, provide needed services to our community and demonstrate leadership in the industry.

We have the resources and knowledge on how to assemble and mobilize teams quickly and efficiently. Our  industry knowledge and expertise have enabled us to compete in any arena, bringing projects to completion on schedule and within the structured budget, while keeping clients informed of the project status at all times.

In addition to ensuring that our technical service offerings are always ahead of the trends, one of our primary goals has been and will continue to be providing long-term employment opportunities in which all members work as a team to build a stable atmosphere.

Our priorities for our employees include ensuring that the workplace is safe; developing quality, responsive managers who care and can be trusted; treating our employees with respect and dignity; offering competitive wages along with benefits; emphasizing the importance of a work/life balance and allowing each employee the opportunity to achieve success.